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Detecting Hidden Water Damage On Your Property

Water damage in a house can destroy expensive items like furniture and electronics as well as valuable items such as gifts and photos. It also compromises the structural integrity of the building and leads to reduced air quality thus encouraging the growth of mold and disease-causing microorganisms. Water damage incidences are not news to Fort Lauderdale residents.

Sometimes water damage happens without giving a warning sign – like in the case of flooding. We can do little to avoid such occurrences. The best thing to do is to call a water damage restoration service to help us get out of the messy situation. At other times, water damage doesn’t happen suddenly. Water can slowly find its way into different parts of a property and eventually cause extensive damage. But this slow water damage gives us early signs. It is imperative that you know how to detect water damage so that you can take the necessary correction steps early and avoid further destruction to your property.

When to call a Fort Lauderdale water damage service

  • leak behind shower wallVisible signs: Your wall and floor can tell you if there is water damage looming. Cracks and peeling of paint and wall paper are some of the most common signs of water damage. Some areas of the wall may darken or have water stains with a brown color at the edges. Swelling of the floor or wall is another visible sign. Finally, if you spot mold, which usually appears as black, green or brown marks anywhere on the property don’t hesitate to contact United Restoration Team before more damage happens.
  • Smells and indoor air humidity changes: Do you smell something like a rotten cardboard or a wet book in your house? Or is there a musty odor in some rooms? Unusual smells signal mold or water damage. You might also notice that the air has become more humid that before. This is a sign that water damage may be occurring.
  • You water bill: If you think your water bill is not proportional to the amount of water you have used, there is a possibility that there is water damage in your house. Water could be escaping from your pipes to your walls and floors. A prudent action is to call United Restoration Team for an inspection and restoration or remediation of the property if water damage is discovered.

A competent restoration team has all the required equipment to perform a wide range of activities related to water damage. The staff should be comprised of highly-trained professionals whose experiences in water damage restoration have exposed them to hundreds of water damage issues. The company should prioritize offering efficient and quick services to its clients. Whenever you experience a water damage situation in your Fort Lauderdale property, know that that a competent provider is always ready to receive your call.

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